Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Blog

My friend Kariann and I have started a group music blog, the optimistically titled "Musicology/Matters." Our idea is that we're going pick occasional themes that we'll both post about, and then also invite friends, colleagues, and interesting strangers to contribute posts as well. I know a lot of people who don't blog because of the perceived time/energy commitment, so this seemed like a nice way to let more people get their voices out their in a stress-free environment. Or even people who have their own blogs; I plan on cross-posting willy-nilly.

Kariann has led things off by talking about the distinction between music we like and the music we study. I'll post something on this subject soon myself, although I'm a little socked in with work at the moment. I'm on fellowship at the moment so theoretically I have lots of time, but somehow job applications, dissertation writing, and Echo-ing (new issue coming out very soon!) manages to fill the days pretty well.

Want to contribute? Let one of us know!

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Kelvin Thomson said...

Hi there
I'm a P/T PG MMus student at RHUL London, majoring in Composition and Musicology.
Great to find your blogs and good luck with echo.


ps I live in Barnet!