Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Great Blogs

There is a way in which the blog world can be a little insular. I read the same blogs every day, and I notice, from blogrolls and comments, that the bloggers I read also read those same blogs. Nothing wrong with this, of course, but I suspect I am missing some fabulous blogs out there. Here are a few that don't often show up on musicological blogrolls.

What great blogs do you read?

  • Feminist Specator. Jill Dolan is a theater studies person at UT Austin. If you don't know her academic work, it is absolutely brilliant; my old roommate introduced me to her book Utopia in Performance, which should be required reading for anyone who, well, cares about something in life. Dolan's blog is mostly her own lengthy reviews of films and plays. It's not updated that frequently, but it is super smart.

  • Tenured Radical. I plug TR a lot on this blog, and I do so again now. Read it.

  • Pretty Dumb Things. An anonymous sex blog written by a (now former) Ph.D. candidate in 18th century literature in New York City. Uniformly thoughtful, engaging, sex positive, and one of the best-written blogs out there in any genre.

  • Oh! Industry It's like Defamer, if Defamer was written by hip queer intellectuals. (Hat tip!)

    Violet Vixen said...

    Two links in one post. I feel super cool

    Chelsea said...

    Thanks, man.

    I appreciate the kudos, as much as I quail at the term "sex positive." I should really write a uniformly thoughtful, engaging and best-written post on exactly why that term perpetually twists my knickers.

    Thank you again.

    chelsea g.

    PMG said...

    VV: You are super cool.

    CG: It's true, you have plenty of "sex negative" writing as well!