Thursday, March 13, 2008

And So It Begins

Attention Pennsylvania residents: are you registered to vote? As a Democrat? You need to be so, by March 24, in order to vote for Barack Obama in the April 22 primary. This is not an open primary, so you cannot be registered as an independent. Visit here to register! And if you want to do more, there are voter registration drives happening all over the state this weekend. Mary and I will be out there with a clipboard ourselves.

Speaking of primaries, my father, who teaches economics and has a blog on the subject, has an interesting post about prediction markets. These are markets--online I guess?--where people bet on things happening. So it's similar to opinion polls, except that people actually have money riding on predicting the right outcome. He claims not to be an expert on the subject, and I am even less of an expert, but one interesting factoid is that right now, in the prediction markets, Obama is the 70 percent favorite to be the nominee, versus Clinton at 30. Not exactly scientific, but not bad news either!

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Doug Gentry said...

Updated Intrade probabilites, as of March 14:

Obama to win Penn. Primary: 20%
Obama to win Democratic Nomination: 76%
Obama to win Presidential election: 46%