Monday, March 24, 2008

White People

How White Are You?

1. Go to Stuff White People Like. (Or here for a more conveniently formatted list.)

2. Count how many items apply to you.

3. Divide by total number of items (91 currently.) This is your whiteness percentage.

My whiteness percentage is 49.4. If you know me in real life, you will find the lowness of that number highly amusing.


KG said...


Part of me thinks that many of these entries aren't really about white people, but about a certain class and urbanism that tends to be mostly white. If you took my relatives from the midwest, for example, and used this list as the barometer, they'd be maybe 2 to 5 percent. And they all have a scandinavian heritage!

cpo said...

62.6, baby.

And I agree with kg. I was also pretty open with what I "like." I mean, really, Wes Anderson movies? 50/50 in my book, but shouldn't I count it.

This meme seems extremely old to me, except that its suddenly popped up everywhere, even with a book contract.

Gray said...

I'm with KG and CPO. I'm the whitiest white guy I know, and I only got 53.85%.

I'd also add "coastal" to KG's class and urbanism; a lot of these things are major turn-offs to my midwestern and southern liberal, educated, urban sophisticate friends.

Jewel Dakini said...

I guess I do not have what it takes to be "white"; I scored only a 41%. It must be because I am chicana. Heh.