Friday, May 9, 2008

Shake Those Hips, Lenny

I write from the Library of Congress, where I am spending a rainy afternoon perusing the mammoth Leonard Bernstein collection here. I paged the wrong box of correspondence, so while I wait for the right one I'm idly leafing through random letters. I love working at the LOC--comfortable chairs and free wireless.

One discovery: in 1989, Bobby McFerrin sent Bernstein a James Brown mixtape, with the instructions to "put it on when your hips get stuck." That's a vivid image.


Gray said...

Wow, that's funny! As it happens, Bobby McFerrin's niece was one of my closest friends during my first year at BGSU. Then a series of bad things happened and she ended up institutionalized. Very sad.

JJ said...

Next time you're gonna be at the LOC shoot me an email. Close to where I work, we could even meet up for a "cross-blog-meeting-of-epicness"... or you know, lunch.