Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beautiful Music

Certain sectors of the musicological community have recently been discussing...wait for it....Beauty In Music. I will say, the musicological blog world might be small and unkempt. But at least we don't debate Beauty In Music.

On this blog, there shall be no debate about such things. I shall simply proclaim the truth: there is indeed beauty in music, and it sounds like this:

This performance, featuring the "Cold Song" from Purcell's King Arthur, took place six months before he passed away from AIDS in 1983.
What power art thou, who from below
Hast made me rise unwillingly and slow
From beds of everlasting snow
See'st thou not how stiff and wondrous old

Far unfit to bear the bitter cold,
I can scarcely move or draw my breath
Let me, let me freeze again to death.


KG said...

Nomi is awesome. I was just discussing him the other day with my favorite non-academic musicologist.

Look for my response to this beauty question on our other blog.

Sammee said...

I'm glad you and KG are referencing that AMS thread and discussing it. And thanks for sharing this video ... haunting in a very good way.