Monday, September 1, 2008

Gossip Girl Liveblogging: Season 2


8:03 Who's this chippy making out with Chace?

8:06 Well well well Lonely Boy indeed!

8:10 Commercial break. It's time to admit that I'm a little nervous for this season. I'm sensing...caricature. I think we all know what happened to The OC after the first season. Please don't do that to us again, Josh Schwartz. Step slowly away from the bad emo band cross-promotion, and just develop the characters. Carefully and deliberately. My favorite part of the season was the luxuriously long plateau that was Dan and Serena's relationship. But at the rate we're going now, Serena's going to die in a lesbian car crash halfway through the season.

8:15 Ugh. The repartee is dragging, isn't it.

8:20 I do have some experience with with this social set, and I can tell you that there are indeed high school boys who dress like Chuck Bass. Which is horrifying, I know.

8:28 Did Blair just say..."Mother Chucker"?

8:38 Yawn.

8:39 Wait--did I just see a black person? I think that's a first. It was an extra, but still.

8:40 Yawn.

8:50 I don't want to be too mushy, but I love Dan and Serena together.

8:51 Grandma creeps me out though.

8:53 I can't decide which is more fake about James, his British accent or his American accent.

8:58 Interesting theory on solving writer's block. Insert dissertation-writing joke here.

9:00 Okay, I'm back on the bandwagon. Slow beginning, slower middle, but it got good there at the end. Maybe there is hope for the new season.


Dayna said...

Did you happen to tape it?


PMG said...

No, I'm afraid not! I miss the Tivo I had in LA...

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