Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Public Radio Gone Bad

You know who's really annoying? David Dye. He's the host of World Cafe, a moderate-to-somewhat-less-than hip daily interview show with pop musicians, syndicated nationally on NPR and recorded here in Philly at our beloved WXPN. The man gets credit for having some great acts come through, for giving them a forum to both talk about and perform their music. It should be a musicologist's dream. But...this man....his questions...are the most utterly inane drivel I have ever heard. And they are intoned in this soporific yet slightly nasal voice. The combination somehow makes me picture that annoying student who really wants to talk to you about his favorite band after class but is so deathly dull that you try to avoid eye contact as you run out of the room. (You know the type.) I recently heard the man interview the great MIA, one of my favorite musicians at the moment, and it made me ashamed to be an American and/or a Philadelphian and/or a man.

Oh, and why does the theme music for the show make it sound like it's going to be a National Geograpic special? Anyone?

Yours in drive-by blog flaming,



Gray said...

Yeah, boo to David Dye. I probably shouldn't comment at all, since my enthusiasm for NPR is currently at a low ebb, but there seems to be a very noticeable decline in the quality of NPR hosts over the last decade or so. Take Talk of the Nation, for instance: it was hosted by the excellent Ray Suarez for a while, then Juan Fucking Williams (he of Fox News fame) took over, and we've been stuck with the content-free blandness of Neil Conan ever since. Naturally, because I have a simple mind and generally pissy outlook, I blame the boomers.

Also, every day I thank each saint individually for MIA. She's incredible.

KG said...

Speaking of the Philadelphia component of MIA, did I tell you that Diplo shows up in my chapter?