Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Missed Opportunity

I feel like musicology should have something smart to say about Auto-Tune the News.

But I'm not sure what it is.


KG said...

Auto-tune the news! Smoking lettuce! So much viral fun!
I feel like this discussion about technology, voices and vocoders has been happening for awhile now. See Alex Weheliye for a good example. Or perhaps DJ Rupture's article on autotune. A little closer to home, ethnomusiblogger Wayne Marshall has also been blogging and tesifying about YouTube's role in music sharing, creation, and distribution. It seems Auto-tune the News is a part of all of this, no?

Dan B. said...

I love #6 immensely. In fact, I went to college with two of the creatores.

PMG said...

I should have known, Dan--the group definitely has the air of a small liberal arts college around it! #6 is my favorite as well. Joe Biden's "God Bless America" hook is where it's at.