Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Guide to a Good Marriage

You know that I've been blogging for four years now? Cripes. I think that entitles me to repost something from my old pseudonymous blog, especially because one my more favored musicologists is getting married today, and she, like most of us, could use some advice from Patti Page on the subject. This is from her amazing 1960 self-help book for teenage girls Once Upon a Dream. There are explanations after each of these tips, a few snippets of which I have included.

How to Be Married and Still Live Happily Ever After

1. Be feminine
("I read somewhere that sixty per cent of American husbands get their own breakfasts while their wives stay in bed. To me, this is a sign of trouble.")

2. Don't protest if your husband takes you for granted.
("I don't know why so many women take this as an insult. All it means is that your husband is comfortable with you, trusts you and never questions your loyalty to you...personally, I think it's one of the highest compliments a man can pay a woman.")

3. Don't meet your husband at the door each night with the story of YOUR day.

4. Control your jealousy.
("The one way to get a man to come home every night and want to stay there is simply to make your home the place where he enjoys himself the most.")

5. Don't be too interesting.
("I think you'll find, when you're married, that it isn't nearly so important for you to be interesting as it is to make your husband feel that he's interesting.)

6. Share something bigger than yourself with your husband.
("It's essential that you share some interest, hobby, career--anything to give you a common objective. Usually, of course, that something bigger than yourselves is children.")

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ESKIMO PIE said...

Wow. I'd be interested to read the rest of the book!