Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Blog.

This week marks the fifth year of my blogging career. The first half of that time was somewhat pseudonymous, but with an odd gap here and there it's been pretty continuous blogging for the past half of a decade. That's a long time! When I started, I was in graduate school, still in coursework, just beginning to study for my special fields exam (the topic was "American Modernism" if you want to know), living in Los Angeles with a roommate and two cats, and visiting my girlfriend in London as much as I could. Almost hard to recognize that life as mine at this point, so much has changed. Not the least of which was Phil Ford adding me to the Dial M blogroll, which suddenly propelled this space out into public. In a good way!

Anyways, happy birthday, blog. Here's to another five.


Ralph Locke said...

Happy Birthday, 2'23", Happy Birthday to you!.... (Woops, I had better not continue the song or I might have to pay royalties--though, as I recall, they go to the Boy Scouts, which is mostly a good cause, I suppose.)
Blogging has been a welcome feature in the musicological universe of the past few years. Thanks, Phil, for setting a good, lively tone and for encouraging us to speak our minds a bit!
Here's to many more years of 2'23"! And Dial M, and Amusicology, and other blogs to come.

rrb said...

Happy Birthday from Amusicology!
Here's to at least five more years!

(Ralph: It is "God Bless America" whose proceeds go to the Boy Scouts, so sing away!)

JJ said...

Congrats on 5 years man, keep it up!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday, 2'23". Thanks for the inspiration all these years!